Shampoo bar with dried nettle leaves
  • Shampoo bar with dried nettle leaves
  • Natural shampoo bar with dried nettle leaves to strength weak hairs

Nettle care


Solid natural shampoo bar with dried nettle for washing prone to oily hair and strengthening weak hair



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Natural shampoo bar differs from ordinary soap in a selection of oils. The oils in this shampoo bar are selected and in such way, that the hair would be washed gently and effectively, without weighing it down or leaving greasy residuals. In addition this shampoo is enriched with carefully selected ingredients for nourishing the hair and reducing an impact of hard water.

Shampoo bar "Nettle Care" is enriched with dried nettle leaves, which traditionally have been used by Lithuanians many years to strengthen hair. Nettle also have a fat-regulating effect, making this shampoo bar especially suitable for oily hair. Because the oils in it are chosen so, that the soap gently washes not only the hair but also the body, it is an ideal choice in the bath or sauna for those who do not like many bottles!

How to use as shampoo: make a foam, spread over hairs and wash-out by water.  Wash you head 1-2 times as needed. For people with longer hair, after washing the scalp we recommend rinsing your hair with acidified water or use a conditioner.

Watch how to wash a scalp using shampoo bar

Recommended: to wash oil-prone hair, strengthen weak hairs.

Features: effectively and gently cleans the scalp, removing excess sebum, helping to stop hair loss.


Oil: rapeseed, coconut, cocoa butter, grape-seed, camelina seed, avocado, castor.

Essential oil: lavender, bergamot, cinnamon, orange.

Other ingredients: nettle powder.

Scent: soft lavender.

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Standard size ~100 g
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