Like in our handmade natural soaps you will find only natural materials in the haircare products: high-quality oil, plant extracts and 100% natural essential oils. All the components are chosen so as to protect the scalp, gently wash the hair and foster them. Since hairs and demands for hair care vary we produce several different shampoos and hair lotion, which can be used instead of the hair conditioner. As is known, soaps are alkaline product while hair prefer an acidic environment. Therefore, it is recommended to rinse the freshly washed hair with an acidified water (organic apple vinegar, lemon juice) or use an environmentally friendly hair conditioner, or hair lotion. This procedure is particularly recommended to the owners of long hair.

In addition we want to point out that the chemically degraded hair might not immediately appreciate the natural shampoos. It may take few weeks till your skin adapts to the shampoo and will enjoy the natural remedies that will cultivate your hair and ensure a healthy condition of the scalp.

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