Big set for sauna lover


Soft soap GREEN VALLEY with natural linen coarse glove.

Soft paste soap, the aroma of herbs with citrus fruits, removes toxins and softens the skin. Best for facial skin care and in sauna.



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It is a soft paste type soap, which is milder than a usual bar soap. This soap cleans deeply and moisturizes your skin, also opens up pores and removes the cells of dead skin. Fits for all kinds of skin, used to wash face and body.

How to use:

"Green Valley" is best used in a hot shower or in sauna. High temperature facilitates opening up the pores in your skin. Scoop the paste out of the box and slowly by fingers rub the soap on your legs, arms and the rest of your body. Leave the creamy thin layer of the soap on your skin for 5 or 10 minutes, letting the soap to penetrate and remove dead skin for a truly deep clean. Rinse off the soap with water. For better exfoliation result use a coarse glove or a brush when you rinsing off the soap.

Recommended: to all types of skin, best used in sauna. Also applied for a face washing, removing makeup.

Features: moisturizing, nourishing, protecting the skin from dryness.


Oil: Olive, castor, avocado, hemp seed.

Essential oil: bergamot, cedarwood, sandalwood, litsea cubeba.

Other ingredients: camomile, calendula, thym powder.

Scent: soft citrus.

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