Conditioning shampoo bar Cotton Fluff for curling hair
  • Conditioning shampoo bar for curling hair
  • Conditioning shampoo bar Cotton Fluff
  • Conditioning shampoo bar Cotton Fluff for curling hair

Cotton fluff


Conditioning shampoo bar for normal and dry hair, especially recommended for washing curly hair.



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Natural shampoo bar differs from ordinary soap in a selection of oils. The oils in this shampoo bar are selected in such way, that the hair would be washed gently and effectively, without weighing it down or leaving greasy residuals. in addition this shampoo is enriched with carefully selected ingredients for nourishing the hair and reducing an impact of hard water.

This conditioning shampoo "Cotton Fluff" is suitable for both normal and dry hair. It especially suits curly hair because curly hair requires deeper hydration and stronger conditioning. These properties in Cotton Fluff are provided by the hemp, avocado and mustard oils. The synergistic action of palmarosa essential oil enhances conditioning and enriches the shampoo by fresh scent. 

How to use: make a foam, spread over hairs and wash-out by water.  Wash you head 1-2 times as needed. For people with longer hair, after washing the scalp we recommend rinsing your hair with acidified water or use a conditioner.

Watch how to wash a scalp using shampoo bar

Recommended for: curly, dry or normal hair.

Features: effectively and gently cleans the scalp, avoids damages and protects from drying out. It depends to hair type, extra use of conditioner might not be necessary. 


Oils: canola, coconut, cocoa butter, mustard, hemp, avocado, castor.

Essential oils: palmarosa, bergamot, cedarwood.

Scent: refreshing with a note of citrus.

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